Digital Transformation, or so they say

Nomi has a problem with Digital Transformation. We think it’s become devalued to the point where it has little value. The term has become an excuse for never ending projects with expensive consultants, or a big name for an app build.

Digital Transformation bothers me so much, we are writing a book on it. A book that debunks it.

Nomi recently appeared on a podcast talking about ‘Being Digital v Doing Digital’.

Have a listen, it’s worth 24 minutes of your time. Promise.

Now more than ever retailers have to be very careful. Recent events have shone a very sharp light into store profitability. With stores closed for weeks and months, the rush to eCommerce has been immense. However, the two should not been confused. eCommerce is not digital transformation, it’s an important piece, but it’s not the whole.

Recent events will force retailers to assess their store estates. The profit per square foot metric is no longer fit for purpose. They aren’t and they will rarely be profitable as standalone units.

Stores have been an operational blackhole for retailers – sucking in the business to feed them. This can no longer go on. So the question is one of ‘being digital v doing digital’. There will be a rush to lots of doing. Many consultancies and technology companies will welcome this charge. However, it won’t fix the underlying issues.

The word ‘transformation’ suggests a beginning and an end state. This is patently nonsense. The change needed is severe and immediate and it’s more than eCommerce and Instagram.

Is your organisation being digital or doing digital?