Retail Week Live Panel

On Demand Leadership

It’s not complicated.

It’s really not.

There are very few businesses that are truly thriving. Across marketing, experience and digital, things aren’t getting any easier to drive growth. Those three disciplines are all being used interchangeably – but the teams don’t have those broad skills – they have grown up as specialists. This is a strength and a problem. The teams know their stuff, but the leadership can be lacking in how they all relate to each other.

That’s where Nomi can help. Leadership where you need to make sense of how marketing, experience and digital are coming together to drive growth.

A Snapshot of the Digital, Experience and Marketing landscape.

The problem with ‘digital’ is that it’s all too additive. If there’s a problem, do more is the cry. Never do less. More backlog, more stuff. Digital is still a silo in so many businesses. The existence of a CDO still raises more questions than it may answer. When did your backlog give marketing any great stories to work with? Thought so.

‘Experience’ has unfortunately, been through the marketing masher. Now Experience is a thing you do. A discreet service. ‘No, i don’t want a manicure, you’re my bank’.

Retailers and brands rarely stand back and ask ‘does that work?’ That deceptively simple question is many layered. Functionally, yes, of course it has to work. But does it ‘work?’ I mean really work? Does it do those intangible things that no amount of Google Analytics will reveal? Does it lead to that feeling of ‘yeah, i’d do that again…I don’t quite know why, but that was good’.

What Experience at its essence is the art and science of looking at all the joins, all the places where things can go sideways for a customer and ask ‘does that work?’. Asking ‘Why?’ repeatedly is a skill that every team needs to learn.

Marketing has been facing an uphill battle for years. The digital explosion distracted everyone, like a concussion grenade being thrown into a workshop. It’s relationship with everything has changed. The average tenure of a CMO is 14 months…what kind of nonsense is that? More accountable than ever, yet being asked to manage a vista that goes from the mountain range of advertising to the valleys of TikTok and all the lands in-between. Digital Transformation and Marketing are always two islands that eye each other suspiciously – there’s a reason for that.

Why Nomi?

Nomi is unusual in having spent time in all the disciplines at executive levels. Nomi works, if needed, with a select group of people who also understand the landscape to execute against strategies and plans, quickly and effectively.

On Demand leadership when and where it’s needed. It’s not complicated.

Lee Woodard (right), Founder of Nomi on stage presenting to 1500 people at Salesforce World Tour