Pure Play, DTC or brickless?!

The rise and rise of the pure play. Smart companies that aren’t making the mistakes of the traditional retailers or brands. It’s great to see so many brands embracing direct channels to the consumer.


There is always a ‘but’.

Pure Plays have got to be careful not to get distracted and carried away. It’s highly likely that they don’t have anyone on staff who comes from that retail background. Normally, the small business has those folks who love their product and brand and have built it from there.

That means moving from digital to physical is full of danger. Its an expensive mistake to make.

DTC brands are waking up to the physical space – lets not call it the store, showroom, as that defines an outcome. You get to actually meet your customers – lovely! Platforms such as https://www.thestorefront.com/ help you find a space to call your own for a weekend or a year or more. None of the pesky 10 year leases nonsense.

Being clear on why you are doing it, how it fits to the strategy and what success looks like is crucial. Now more than ever, it is possible to experiment. However, we still see temporary spaces being measured on old school metrics.

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