Advisory and Support

For Teams of all Shapes and Sizes.

Nomi knows what its like to be in your shoes. That’s why we keep our services simple and flexible that match your needs.

No obstacles, no barriers.

What Nomi can help you achieve

Simple; your business goals, your personal goals, your  KPIs, your bonuses, your promotion. We are here to make you better. 

Larger Brands
  • Agency ‘whispering’ – Getting Better Work
  • 1st Party Data Media Effectiveness 
  • 1st Party Data impact on Creative
  • Strategic Initiative Leadership
  • Cross Silo Opportunities
  • Audience and Communications Audits
  • MQL to SQL Assessments and Plans
  • Why Customers by you?
  • Being Human in B2B for Growth
  • Brand, Positioning and Marketing Strategy
  • Client Funnel Forecast Management
  • Client Services Team Mentor and Advisor
  • Understanding Clients for Better Relationships
  • Pitch Support
  • Senior Team and Executive support
  • Distinct Fixed Projects
  • Sprint Projects
  • On-Going Support and Advisory
  • Audits and Presentations

Nomi works closely with executives and senior teams to help them crack the issues that are blocking growth.

Nomi is here to believe in your business as much as you do.

"Thank you so much for your continued support. Your belief in us as a business - it means a lot and goes a long way." Agency Founder

Talk to us.
We don't bite too often.

Nomi loves a chat. If you’re stuck on a problem and need just to share it, get in touch. Nothing like a natter to work things out.

    How does Nomi work?

    How does Nomi work?

    Flexibly is the main answer.
    Often starting with a stand-alone project.
    More usually as an ongoing advisor with set time each month.

    Can we just do project work with you?

    Yes, if you want to. Whatever works for your business. We also work on small sprints.

    Does Nomi have an office?

    Goodness no. All that overhead?!

    What's your typical timeline for working with us?

    Projects can often start immediately. Fractional – where we spend a set time a month working with you, are for normally a minimum of 6 months so that we can get to know each other and develop the relationship.

    Do you book more days than you have?

    Projects aren’t measured in days. But No. Never. We manage our client time to make sure we stay high energy and focused. Nomi is about doing good work with good people.

    Do you work on site?

    Yes, of course, within reason and common sense. Happy to be where you are.

    What about competitive restrictions?

    The strength is in the wide experience. However, we won’t work with a direct competitor, that would be daft!

    Does Nomi expect equity in the long-term?

    No is the short answer. However, if our work is successful and the relationship is strong, it’s a conversation we are happy to have.

    The What If section

    What if it's not working?

    That’s fine. Not everything works. Your business is the most important thing. Nomi doesn’t make parting ways difficult.

    What if we are unhappy about something?

    Easy. Shout. The we can have a drink of some kind and work through it. This rule goes both ways. We won’t be shy in coming forward.

    What if we don't need you all the time?

    That’s the entire plan. Often 1 day a week is the right amount. However, we can agree a ‘burst’ or a project if there is a prickly issue that needs time to crack.

    What if we want to use the Collective?

    Easy. Nomi introduces you. You get a proposal. You get one invoice from Nomi. It’s about ease and speed.

    Apologies, we're not consultants or growth hackers or ninjas or gurus.