We offer experience when and where it matters

A practical marketing and business advisory company.

Focused on helping make things better.



Executive teams advisory when and where they need it


Helping drive focus in the business


Helping identify where and how growth can happen


Driving more sales, more leads, more action

Support for companies of all shapes and sizes

Nomi tends to work with companies that fall into three categories. To be honest, the categories are quite broad. Get in touch for a chat and we’ll see if it makes sense to get our skills together.

Practically speaking

Many companies sometimes need an extra, objective head to help get them over the obstacles they are facing.

That’s all we do – help, advise, support and enabling you to deliver on your goals.

We work with companies of all sizes and shapes. All have one thing in common - they are a bit stuck on a problem and the internal team are too busy to crack it on their own.
From the large impact of 1st party data on media spend and customer growth to just help identifying the right audience for your services or product, Nomi can help you solve it.

Bullshit is a luxury companies simply can’t afford when it comes to their most difficult problems.

About Nomi

Nomi believes that it's time for a return to clear thinking and some common sense

The pandemic (remember that?) changed businesses. Made sales and marketing harder. Drove reappraisals of business strategy. Made executive teams worry about growth and cash more than ever. Made team structures seem out-of-date. It's time to grow again. Time to look forward and work on those challenges.

Nomi spread far and wide

In office or remote, it really makes no difference. Good work is good work no matter where it takes place.

Capabilities not liabilities

Nomi aren't constrained by people we have to find work for week in week out. That means our capabilities are whatever you need them to be.

On-Demand not on your nerves

Nomi is here when you need us and not when you don't. Super efficient and easy to work with. Sounds like a revolution!

The not-so secret Collective

It pays to have a trusted network of people on hand to jump in and work fast.

The Collective

Sorry, we don’t do buzzword bingo dressed up as consulting.