The Enemy Of Good – Silos

One of the single biggest blockers to creating great experiences and work is the structures that exist within organisations.

Those structures exist for very good reasons, accountability, expertise, career growth. However, they represent a real challenge when it comes to creating, designing and implementing great experiences.

Horizontal not Vertical

Name the only role in any organisation with the remit to cut across the whole organisation with the power to drive change?

The CEO.

That’s nuts. The CEO is busy running the company and doing the myriad other things that comes with the job. The CMO, the CTO, CIO and others don’t have the same remit. There are working processes in place of course, but often the agendas aren’t shared, priorities aren’t aligned.

Agile and all that jazz

If you throw in a ‘transformation’ program into the mix and your problems get even bigger. Agile teams are like a black hole – they consume everything around them, growing bigger, more powerful.

The backlog is all very correct and worthy – but it often sits in it’s own universe. When was the last time you saw a great bit of marketing communications about a backlog item?

CMO and ad agency not really talking to CTO and technology consultant – never the twain shall meet.

The glue is the key to creating experiences people want to be involved in again.

Experience isn’t a ‘Thing’

Like many good and new things, they get adopted and then misused and misunderstood. This is what has happened to ‘experience’. We now see the dreaded experience desk at John Lewis. Marketing have turned it into a series of things you do, not a feeling that you inherently have from the interaction you have had.

This is a crucial mistake.

Experience exists in the gaps between silos

Organisations need leadership to work across the silos, joining the dots and finding where the organisation can create those experiences.

The art is working with those leaders to find common cause and bringing their teams together to find those experiences.

On Demand Experience Leadership

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