Working with Nomi

Working with Nomi is super simple and flexible. There are a number of ways we can get together and do good things.

On Demand Leadership

Nomi has a number of offers for On Demand. Often a short strategic audit is the starting point. The audit then gives a prioritised list of actions. We can then either leave you with the actions or work over a set period to help implement them.

Project and Retained. Nomi can work on a project basis ‘Can you help us get this done’ or ‘Can you do a X time a month to work with us ongoing’

Virtual Agency

Nomi is fortunate to work alongside a small, trusted, senior number of experts. As a virtual agency we work across Communications/Brand Creative, Service Design/UX, Long Form Copy, Copywriting, eCommerce and Content Performance.

Nomi works this way for brands with the same problem: They do not want to manage a series of freelancers. The small ‘full service’ agencies are not full service and do not have the seniority of expertise. Lastly, they can’t afford a large agency.

Nomi takes point and provides leadership and strategy, a single point of billing and escalation. For smaller brands, this gives access to expertise they wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

Start Up Advisory

This offer is essentially On Demand Leadership, but in exchange for equity and massively reduced rates. We are happy to talk to start up’s who are keen to mature their marketing and experience. Often, the help is pre-launch or during a period where growth is the goal.

Now more than ever, brand and retailers need cost effective, executive, digital led leadership.

Nomi Digital provides just that.